About Me

     Based in Nashville, Hannah Follett specializes in photographing children and traditional American weddings. She is able to capture each child’s personality through her photographs and each moment held dear in weddings. Her photojournalistic approach to her work brings a new perspective to the world around her that most people can not see for themselves. 


     Photographing since 2012, she has had great experiences and opportunities provided to her by her amazing clients. She has worked at daycares and as a nanny so her relationship with children comes naturally to her. She has also photographed more than 28 weddings! Having graduated from Nossi College of Art with a bachelor’s degree, she follows her heart and does the thing she loves most—photography! 


     As a client, you can expect a highly communicative photographer that takes your concerns and questions seriously and handles them in a professional manner. Children are naturally drawn to her and grow a quick bond with her and her camera; her love for photography pushes her to do her best. When you hire her as your photographer, you will receive a knowledgable and experienced companion that will help in any way she can.